Indochina Riverside Mall and Riverside Tower Commercial Center commits to sustainability in 2021


Our negative impact on the planet has become more apparent especially with the rise of the new pandemic. Therefore, the focus on sustainability has become even more relevant for businesses and individuals alike. Follow us as we take this journey into sustainability and commit to partnerships and businesses that aim to make the world a better place.

Take action to join the race for sustainability

Sustainability, in short, means meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This of course refers to natural resources (energy, water, etc.) but also includes social and economic resources as well. With this in mind, the Riverside Tower Commercial Center and Indochina Riverside Mall have taken action and committed to sustainability in 2021.

Indochina Riverside Mall located at 74 Bach Dang, Hai Chau, Danang

This big step proves that anyone and any business can take action for a sustainable future and it may be small or gradual but it’s never too late. We have begun our sustainability journey this year and so far, we have leased space to two different sustainable companies that work in glass water bottling, safe food production, education and supplying fresh, certified local produce and imported food to our community.