Origin Impact Minimart - Impact products and actions towards sustainable development during the Covid pandemic

 The Covid pandemic is directly affecting all of us, and the downfall of various sectors, particularly those in service sectors such as retail, public service, entertainment, media, and tourism. During challenging times like these it is crucial for the community to support each other. No matter the contribution, big or small, every action makes a difference. We will only beat this pandemic together.

 Commitment towards sustainability during the Covid pandemic

 In 2021, the Riverside Commercial Center and the Indochina Riverside Mall made a commitment towards sustainability during the Covid pandemic. As part of our mission, we are aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically on responsible production and consumption. One of our sustainability partners, Sunrise Potential Partners, has launched their first project Origin Impact Minimart (located on the ground floor of the Indochina Riverside Mall) focused on providing access to high quality, local products. Given the context of food origin and traceability is challenging in Da Nang, Origin Impact Minimart aims to build trust of consumers and hence motivates the cooperative by increasing demand for their products. This not only stabilizes the farmers’ income but also facilitates the direct connection between responsible producers and consumers.


Origin Impact Minimart - A Minimart for impact products

During the difficult situation of the pandemic, Origin Impact Minimart continuously supports farmers through working with Sustainable Cooperatives because they know that further restrictions will only limit market access of their products even more. Origin Impact Minimart remains open from 9.00 AM to 9.30PM during the pandemic and continues to support many local producers. We believe that by taking these little steps, they will be able to overcome their current situation while simultaneously providing the community with healthy, safe food options.