Glassia - An upstream solution to reduce plastic waste for a sustainable future


Plastic waste is now considered a serious global problem. Viet Nam has been listed as one of the top five contributors to plastic entering the ocean. With continual urbanization the waste in Vietnam has become more plastic-based which is causing immense environmental damages as well. A majority of the plastic waste being generated now is composed of single-use plastics including water bottles. 

Bringing consumption back to where it began 

In early 2021, the Riverside Commercial Center and the Indochina Mall supported the second sustainability partner, Glassia, to open their first glass water bottling facility in Da Nang (located on the third floor of the Indochina Mall). While bottling water in glass isn’t novel, most large manufacturers have switched to cheaper, lighter plastic packaging. Glassia brings beverage manufacturing back to its roots - decentralized glass water bottling that is completely reusable and refillable. Tackling plastic waste with this upstream solution removes waste created at the source plastic waste at source and contributes to a circular economy through their full service pickup and refill system. Additionally, Glassia aims to influence customers' behavior towards more sustainable behaviors by introducing a plastic-alternative product to the market at a competitive price, which will benefit everyone including the environment.


Glassia water production line at Indochina Riverside Mall